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Happy Holidays from Matthew Sheasby, Attorney at Law

From our family here at Aruna P. Rodrigo, Family Law Attorney to yours, we would like to wish you a very happy holiday! We are honored to have served you or to potentially help you in the future. We understand that when it comes to family and your ...

Navigating Your Local Court

You may have had to go to court for jury duty and thought nothing of it. However, when you go to court for your own personal reasons, it can be overwhelming and intimidating. You may wonder, where do I even begin? How do I know which court I need to ...

California Woman Not Allowed to Keep Frozen Embryos After Divorce

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Anne-Christine Massullo has denied California woman, Mimi Lee, the right to keep frozen embryos after her divorce from husband. California woman Mimi Lee and her ex-husband Stephen Findley decided to cryogenically ...

8 Signs That Can Indicate Your Spouse Wants a Divorce

You may have promised to stay with your spouse until death do you part, but lately you may feel like things are not the way they once were. Sadly, this occurs all too often in a marriage. People change, as do marriages. Sometimes, individuals no ...

Who Keeps the Rings After Divorce?

Often, the engagement and wedding rings symbolize the union between two individuals. They come to signify the promise a couple makes to love, honor, and support one another. However, they complicate matters when a marriage ends and a divorce is ...

What You Need to Know About Gray Divorces

Twenty years ago, it was common for couples to stay together for more than three decades. Despite difficulties and hardships, many married couples remained together. Whether it was because of religious upbringing, social stigmas, or practicality, the ...

How to Divide Retirement Accounts in a California Divorce

You can never predict when a marriage might end. It can happen after a year, after 50, or hopefully, it may never happen! When you enter into a marriage, you go into it with the expectation of sharing your life with your spouse. You two build your ...

What It Means to Have a Certified Family Law Specialist Represent You

When it comes to choosing a family law attorney, you will find there are many that claim to have experience in the field. While this may be true, unless they specialize in the practice, they may not be as qualified to represent your case as much as ...

How California Divorce Differs from London

With the growth of international travel and trade, it is not uncommon for individuals to spend a majority of their time split between two countries. In fact, trends show that more people are spending their time between California and London than they ...

Questions to Ask Before Filing for Divorce

The media presents divorce as something that is quite common, touting that nearly 50% of American weddings end in divorce. With celebrities publicizing marriages that seemingly last for five minutes, it is not hard to see why divorce can seem like ...

Ways for Stepparents to Connect with Their Stepchildren

Every time stepparents are mentioned, the evil stepmother from Cinderella probably pops into your head. Stepparents have become stereotyped as the bad parent, out to replace a child’s birth parent. It can difficult to fight the stigma in the ...

5 Tips on Co-Parenting During the School Year

The new school year can be both exciting and nerve racking for not only students, but newly divorced parents as well. It can be tricky navigating the new waters of separation while parenting your child. Your kids might be apprehensive about not only ...

What is Marital Property?

When you marry someone, you pledge to build a life together. Establishing a future together usually includes sharing a home, bank account, and purchasing property. During a marriage, it is great to accumulate these things. However, when you decide to ...

What a Judge Considers During Child Custody Hearings

When a couple divorces, they go through a number of proceedings in order to determine various aspects such as property division, alimony, and more. One of the most important factors, however, arises when children are involved. Child custody hearings ...

Tips on How to Tell Your Kids About the Divorce

Divorce can be a difficult and stressful process. It is a transitional period with a lot of change. It can be emotional for not just spouses but for the children. Kids don’t often understand what is going on and will be scared about the ...

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