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Blog Posts in November, 2015

Who Keeps the Rings After Divorce?

Often, the engagement and wedding rings symbolize the union between two individuals. They come to signify the promise a couple makes to love, honor, and support one another. However, they complicate matters when a marriage ends and a divorce is ...

What You Need to Know About Gray Divorces

Twenty years ago, it was common for couples to stay together for more than three decades. Despite difficulties and hardships, many married couples remained together. Whether it was because of religious upbringing, social stigmas, or practicality, the ...

How to Divide Retirement Accounts in a California Divorce

You can never predict when a marriage might end. It can happen after a year, after 50, or hopefully, it may never happen! When you enter into a marriage, you go into it with the expectation of sharing your life with your spouse. You two build your ...

What It Means to Have a Certified Family Law Specialist Represent You

When it comes to choosing a family law attorney, you will find there are many that claim to have experience in the field. While this may be true, unless they specialize in the practice, they may not be as qualified to represent your case as much as ...

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