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Blog Posts in June, 2016

Paying for Child Support After 19

When parents go through a divorce, they often have to determine some important factors such as child support. This is one of the many issues that may arise during the process and it’s important to make sure you understand what this means for ...

Imputing Income for Child Support in California

Child support issues are some of the most contentious when it comes to divorce. While there are some who may see this as a punishment, both parents should provide financial support for the children whether they are together or not. This is why child ...

How Long Should a Divorce Take?

In a dream world, couples who want to divorce would be able to do so seamlessly in no time at all. After all, they believe that their marriage is irretrievably broken, so why prolong the situation? Unfortunately, divorce is much more complicated than ...

How to Modify Child Support in San Bernardino

During the divorce process, there are a number of factors that must be considered, including those involving child support. Child support amount and duration are determined by the judge overseeing the divorce case. These are both based on a number of ...

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