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Though aging is just another part of life, there are particularly unfortunate scenarios in which a person may be completely incapable of taking on the responsibility of caring for their own health, financial duties, or other legal matters. For this reason, establishing the role of legal conservatorship was created. In California, conservatorship can be granted to protect elders or adults who are unable to care for themselves.

You may need to establish a conservator in cases of:

  • Disability
  • Dementia
  • Alzheimer's disease
  • Comatose or unconsciousness state
  • Other health, medical, or mental incapacities

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Types of Conservatorship

Once appointed as the conservator of an estate, the individual will be responsible for the financial, legal, medical, and personal decisions of the incapacitated person. Gaining conservatorship can be a very complex legal process, but our San Bernardino estate planning lawyers are here to help determine which type of conservatorship suits your family's unique needs.

Various types of conservatorship may include:

  • Limited conservatorship – For adults who cannot care for themselves or their assets, but do not require high levels of care.
  • Probate conservatorship – For adults who are unable to care for themselves or their assets. This includes elderly individuals and seriously-impaired individuals.
  • Lanterman Petris-Short (LPS) conservatorship – For adults with very specific and extreme needs, particularly for individuals who are severely ill mentally or emotionally.

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Seeking conservatorship can be a complex and heartbreaking process. Facing the reality of a family member who is totally dependent on your care is difficult, but it can be even harder when you are undergoing a difficult legal procedure. Let our firm handle your legal issues on your behalf—we can represent you to the courts, providing the correct paperwork by the appropriate deadlines.

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