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California Contested Conservatorships

In some instances, there may be disagreement with who is petitioning to take the appointment of conservator. While this is a rare occurrence, when this occurs, it can cause a massive tangle of legal issues and complexities. Due to the responsibilities that are granted to a conservator, there is a considerable burden of proof that must be proven in court. Presenting your case before a judge can be daunting and, without the legal assistance of an experienced conservatorship attorney, it can seem impossible. That is why it is critical to contact our firm.

San Bernardino Attorney Helping with Contested Cases

All too often, should the unexpected happen, divided families can find themselves in court fighting over the responsibility of conservatee to determine the distribution of responsibility. In some sad cases, a close friend who has stepped forward to care for their loved one might find themselves facing a case where an estranged family member is the preferred conservatee because of blood relation. In these cases, our firm is prepared to devote the necessary time, energy and resources into wading through the complex litigation.

We recognize that these cases can often stem from the need for control, and we are committed to helping you protect the legal rights of your loved one.

We will always seek to resolve any issues that arise and will work to prove both the need for a conservator, as well as outline a case to ensure that a deserving conservator assumes the responsibility. No matter whether you are petitioning for conservatorship and are facing a contention or if you disagree with who is attempting to become conservator, you can trust that we will do everything that we can to look out for your best interests.

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