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Limited Conservatorship in CA

Under California law, a limited conservatorship can be sought should an adult be diagnosed with a developmental disability (DD) by their local Regional Center. In most cases, an adult is determined to have a DD should they be found to have an IQ that is less than 70 or should they be diagnosed with autism.

In these cases, it may be decided that they need to have the assistance of a limited conservator to ensure that their needs are met, however, they do not need the full protection of a LPS conservator or probate conservator as they have abilities that surpass those of those who suffer from mental disabilities or other incapacitations.

What Are the Responsibilities of a Limited Conservator?

Should you be appointed to be a limited conservator, it will be your responsibility to decide where the conservatee resides, manage contracts on their behalf, make decisions regarding medical treatments, education and marriages. There are, however, limitations on what you legally allowed to do.

For example, you are not allowed to make the decision to place the conservatee in a locked facility and you cannot give consent for sterilization of any kind. This type of conservatorship thus provides the protection of having an established conservator without the expanded responsibilities afforded to other conservatorships.

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