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As the U.S. population grows older, the concerns of aging populations continue to shift and require deeper thought. As a result of the growing amount of senior citizens, elder law has developed into a new but vital practice in the American legal landscape. Similar to how children have laws that protect their rights, so do elderly people now have advocates who give them a legal voice. As a San Bernardino estate lawyer, James D. Madden has a passion for ensuring the rights of our beloved elders are protected in every event.

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The Needs of the Elderly

While aging is a perfectly natural process, seniors suffer a high rate of abuse of all kinds. While some elderly people suffer due to neglect or sexual assault in nursing homes, it is also common for older people to suffer social or physical abuse at the hands of family members. In order to make sure the voices of our elders are not drowned out, there are areas of law dedicated to ensuring their rights are protected.

Estate planning is one way in which the rights of elderly people are preserved. By using an estate planning attorney, seniors make sure they and their loved ones have legal protections after they are gone. However, estate planning also makes sure that seniors’ wishes are protected if they are no longer able to communicate.

Guardianship or conservatorship is another legal means by which elder rights are protected. Conservatorship ensures that if a senior is no longer able to care for themselves or their own finances, they will have an advocate who will speak on their behalf. Conservatorship is a complex process that holds people responsible for the lives and care of seniors, so it can help prevent abuse and neglect through accountability.

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