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Common Divorce Questions

At James D. Madden & Aruna P. Rodrigo, Family Law Attorneys, we are committed to answering all the questions our clients run into. Our divorce firm has built a reputation for providing personalized service, and we focus on easing our clients' concerns and keeping them well-informed throughout the legal process.

If you have questions about your legal matter, our firm is available to answer them.

What Practice Areas Does the Firm Work In?

We have served the San Bernardino community for nearly 20 years, and we concentrate on a few areas of practice so we can provide the best possible service and support.

The areas of practice at our firm include:

Do I Have To Work With an Attorney?

There are no laws requiring you to have a private attorney in any type of legal matter. Still, working with an experienced lawyer can make a large difference in your case, as your lawyer will serve as your personal advocate and will work toward a resolution in your best interests.

Not having an attorney can be difficult, especially when complex legal issues are involved, or when the "other side" is working to secure an outcome against you. When you work with a proven lawyer, you'll have someone guiding you through the process, fighting for your rights, and working toward the resolution you need.

How Do I Know I'm Choosing the Right Lawyer?

Choosing the right lawyer is a difficult process, but it also one of the most important parts of your legal journey. When choosing a divorce attorney, you want to be sure that they are experienced in handling complex divorce cases successfully, both in negotiations and in court.

Aside from their track record, you also want to look at how an attorney works with clients, and should choose lawyers who provide personal attention. Experienced and client-focused lawyers are important in any legal field, but are particularly important in the personally-impactful areas of estate planning and family law.

Why Should I Work With Your Firm?

We have an experienced and relentless attorney who focuses specifically on family law and estate planning. Our reputation is backed by the awards and certifications we have received, including selection to the Super Lawyers® of 2016 list. Our record proves that we can secure results that protect our clients' rights, freedoms, and futures. Our experience and commitment to clients drive successful resolutions.

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Our firm is available to answer any questions you have, including anything about your personal legal needs. During an initial consultation, we can inform you of your rights and explain how we can help.

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