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California first allowed same-sex marriage back in June of 2008, only the second state in America to allow it, before re-banning it in November of the same year by passing Proposition 8. It took another five years for the United States Supreme Court to rule Prop 8 unconstitutional and make same-sex marriage legal throughout the country. Now that people are allowed to marry the people they choose, all couples may need to consider what comes next, and what they will do if their marriage falters.

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Our San Bernardino divorce lawyers at James D. Madden & Aruna P. Rodrigo, Family Law Attorneys have provided hundreds of families and individuals with the knowledgeable legal representation they need to secure the outcome they deserve. We have the experience our clients need to handle their situation, no matter what assets or potential complications it involves. Whether you are looking to start your divorce process or if you’re already preparing to stand in front of a judge, we’re ready to help. Contact us today to explain your situation and begin planning your next steps.

Key Issues To Consider In Your Divorce

The complications you may face during your divorce process depend on your situation and relationship with your spouse. While no two divorces play out in the same fashion, there are several key issues that will often come up in most cases.

  • Child Custody: In order to determine which parent will receive primary custody of their children, the courts will consider a number of factors including, the mental and moral fitness of each parent, each parent’s ability to support and provide for their children’s needs, the children’s preference, etc.
  • Visitation Rights and Parenting Time: Except in the most extreme situations, the court will work to ensure that both parents can remain a part of their children’s lives. This means that the key fight, after determining who will receive primary custody, will focus on just how much time each parent will have with their children.
  • Child Support: Once primary custody is determined and parenting time is established, the next battle will likely revolve around how much child support that parent will receive. The amount will depend on a number of factors including school payments, the cost of care, after school activities, etc.
  • Property Division: Courts will look at a number of factors when determining what property can be included in the property division portion of the divorce process and what is considered separate property. Some factors include how long the marriage lasted, the financial commitment each spouse made to the marriage, financial contributions each spouse made towards the other spouse’s career or education, etc.
  • Spousal Support: This process is separate from the process to determine child support, and the court will look at a number of other factors when deciding which spouse will receive spousal support payments including the standard of living during the marriage, how long the marriage lasted, the individual assets and finances of each spouse, etc.

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