8 Signs That Can Indicate Your Spouse Wants a Divorce

8 Signs That Can Indicate Your Spouse Wants a Divorce

You may have promised to stay with your spouse until death do you part, but lately you may feel like things are not the way they once were. Sadly, this occurs all too often in a marriage. People change, as do marriages. Sometimes, individuals no longer feel like marriage is the right option for them. They may check out of a union long before the divorce papers are filed. If your gut it telling you that your spouse wants to dissolve the marriage, it might not be wrong! You can look for key warning signs to back up your suspicions.

1. Change in Sex Life

It can be common for a couple to have less sex throughout the years of their marriage. Youthful passion generally transforms into intimate understanding. The number of times a couple engages in sexual intercourse varies. There is no right or wrong number. However, if you do notice a sudden change in the bedroom, it might indicate something is not right.

2. Spending More Time Outside of the Home

Have you noticed that your spouse tends to work later or go out more? Is this a new occurrence? If so, it might be something to look into closely. The home can be a haven for the married couple. It can be a space for the couple to spend quality time together. However, if you notice your spouse spends less time at home, it can indicate trouble. It might mean that they no longer feel comfortable in their home, they are seeking companionship elsewhere, or are ready to move out. All of these can indicate your spouse wanting a divorce.

3. Lack of Communication

Is it hard to talk to your husband or wife? Do they often avoid communication? This might indicate that your spouse is ignoring problems, which makes it difficult to come up with resolutions. If your spouse no longer communicates with you, it might mean that he or she has checked out of the marriage and may want a divorce.

4. They are Cold and Aloof

Has your spouse lost their spark? Does it feel like an uphill struggle just to get them to smile at you? If your husband or wife is cold and aloof, they may be trying to place a distance between the two of you; a greater distance than is already there. Although there can be many reasons why they act this way, it may be because it will make the divorce less painful if they no longer feel a connection.

5. They Constantly Criticize

Another indication that your spouse may want a divorce is if they are constantly finding things wrong with you or what you do. It might feel like your husband or wife only has negative comments to make about you. If they already have divorce on their mind, they might use this tactic to reaffirm their decision. They will use these criticisms to rationalize wanting the divorce.

6. Lack of Intimacy

Intimacy does not always mean sex. You may still have sex with your partner but lack the vital connection that initially brought you two together. Intimacy can mean a genuine interest in each other and the comforting companionship of a spouse. If your husband or wife feels like a stranger to you, it may indicate trouble.

7. Constantly Picking Fights

Does it feel like you and your spouse can no longer have a conversation without it devolving into an argument? This can be a sign that your spouse may want a divorce. The continuous fighting can be a mark of a failing relationship. If your spouse refuses to listen or make compromises, it can mean that they have given up on the marriage.

8. Preparing for a Single Life

Has your spouse picked up new habits? Do they spend more time working on their appearance? Have they taken up new and unexpected hobbies? While all of these things may seem innocuous, they can be indicators that your spouse is preparing for a life after divorce.

At Family Law Advocacy Group, we understand how difficult it can be to acknowledge troubles within a marriage. We always urge you to try to work it out and salvage the relationship. However, if that is not possible, our San Bernardino divorce attorneys are ready to help you. Contact us today for a free consultation.


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