New Year's Resolution for the Whole Family

New Year's Resolution for the Whole Family

The New Year brings an endless array of possibilities. Many people try to focus on fixing things, trying new experiences, going on more adventures, and bettering one’s self. If you are like most of us, you start your resolutions strong, but then life gets in the way. Why not set resolutions that you and your family can all pursue together? Not only will this bring you closer, but you can also have people to hold you accountable. At Family Law Advocacy Group, we want you to be able to spend quality time together. That is why we suggest some resolutions you can follow with those you love.

Eat Healthier

It seems that everyone and their mothers make it a priority to change their diet, especially after the holidays. Why not actually keep this goal with your mother, or any other family member you choose? If the whole family decides to eat well together, not only will you not be alone, it might be easier to rid the house of unhealthy snacks and foods.

Be More Active

In an age where it is easier to sit in front of a computer or T.V. screen, you may need to make the conscious decision to get up and move around. You and your family can take walks together or go to the beach / park. You can take dance classes or go play a game of basketball in the backyard. Whatever you choose, being active together can be a good way to bond.

Family Nights

Whether it is every week, every month, or every so often, make it a point to have a night dedicated solely to the family. This can be your time to play games, watch movies, and just spend quality time in each other’s company. It will give you the opportunity to make memories you can cherish in the years to come.

Explore New Places and Hobbies

Sometimes it can be tiring doing the same thing over and over again. In this New Year, make it a point to try something new together. Whether you explore your city, or try your hand at painting, exploring new places and hobbies can be fun. You never know, maybe you are meant to be the next Partridge family!


In a society that has endless means of communication, it can be difficult to simply talk. Make it a point to turn off your digital devices, make eye contact, and talk. You will be surprised what you can learn from each other.

At Family Law Advocacy Group, we hope that you have a prosperous New Year. We hope these resolutions give you ideas on how to spend more time with your own family. If you have questions or concerns about your family’s rights, contact our board certified family law specialist in San Bernardino. We offer free consultations!


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