Shifts and Redefinition of What It Means to be a Family

Shifts and Redefinition of What It Means to be a Family

When one thinks of a family, the image of a mother, father, and child usually comes to mind. Sometimes, there may or may not be a dog in the picture. This is the general structure of a nuclear family that has been popular for years. However, with a more progressive shift in social matters, the definition of family is being redefined from what it was used to mean.

With more individuals associating with different genders and the legalization of gay marriage, the concept of family transcends the traditional arrangement. Families no longer consist of a married man and woman with children. There are now homes where a child can have four parents, or three parents.

A child in Portland has four parents; two couples collectively raising a child together. The family lives in one house and shares the memories, experiences, and struggles of this new dynamic. The child’s birth mother states

What surprised us wasn’t how different all this was but how completely normal it felt. Yes, we’re figuring things out as we go along, but doesn’t every family do that?

In New York, another gay couple shares responsibility of raising a child with the birth mother. It is not uncommon now for same-sex couples to have children, for women to have kids out of wedlock, and for friends to act as surrogates for couples who can’t have children. In fact, studies show that 40% of babies are born to women not married to the biological father.

With the changing dynamics of what it means to be a family, one thing holds true. Families love and take care of one another. At Family Law Advocacy Group, we respect all families. If you need help with issues such as child custody and support, our San Bernardino family law specialist can help. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.



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