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Directions to San Bernardino Family Court

Going to trial can be nerve-racking and intimidating. If you are going through a divorce or need to settle family law matters, your thoughts are preoccupied on a number of things. You are probably thinking about what your ex and their attorney will ...

4 Common Paternity Myths

When people think of babies, they usually think of mothers before fathers. Women are supposedly said to have the maternal instincts and are the ones associated with children. There is a misconception in our society that women are better suited for ...

Happy Holidays from Matthew Sheasby, Attorney at Law

From our family here at Aruna P. Rodrigo, Family Law Attorney to yours, we would like to wish you a very happy holiday! We are honored to have served you or to potentially help you in the future. We understand that when it comes to family and your ...

What It Means to Have a Certified Family Law Specialist Represent You

When it comes to choosing a family law attorney, you will find there are many that claim to have experience in the field. While this may be true, unless they specialize in the practice, they may not be as qualified to represent your case as much as ...

Ways for Stepparents to Connect with Their Stepchildren

Every time stepparents are mentioned, the evil stepmother from Cinderella probably pops into your head. Stepparents have become stereotyped as the bad parent, out to replace a child’s birth parent. It can difficult to fight the stigma in the ...

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