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Life Changes. Court Orders Should Change with It.

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Family Law Modifications
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Over the years, your family structure or employment status may have changed. You may find yourself stuck with a child support or spousal support order that simply doesn't fit your circumstances any longer. The good news is that you are not stuck! You have the option to petition the court for a modification of various orders.

Under California law, you can seek to modify a child custody or visitation order if you can demonstrate that there has been a significant change in circumstances and the new changes still honor the child's best interests. If you want to modify a child support or custody order, we are here to provide counsel.

Our San Bernardino family law attorney has helped individuals secure necessary modifications for several years and can use his experience to assist with your case. We care about our clients and provide personalized legal solutions.

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What Is Required to Get an Order Modified?

While you are allowed to seek a modification at any time, changing support orders can be more complicated. Some alimony awards may not be modifiable if this stipulation was included in the original agreement. There are also numerous other factors the court will look at to consider if support can be adjusted, such as any change in salary for either spouse, medical or emotional injuries that have arisen, and custody modifications.

The court may look at the following when deciding on child support modifications:

  • Recent job loss for either parent
  • Additional children included in family
  • Increase in salary for either parent
  • Adjustment to custody agreement
  • Medical complications for the child

For child custody and visitation rights, they will consider the following:

  • New job and relocation of one parent
  • Physical or health disabilities acquired by a parent or child
  • Changes in the non-custodial parent's work hours
  • Child is old enough to voice a new preference
  • The current custodial parent is irresponsible

If you can prove that one or more of these changes have occurred, you may be able to get an order modified.

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