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Filing a Restraining Order

Experienced San Bernardino Restraining Order Legal Assistance

When you’re in a situation where you fear for your safety or are constantly threatened without a clear avenue for escape, it may be time to turn to the law to ensure that you and your family can secure the protection you need. Far too many people are victims of domestic abuse and are trapped in a situation without a clear way out, and it’s important to learn what protections you can turn to. There are a number of laws in place in California that can provide those in need with the protection they require, and an experienced family law attorney can help you take action and navigate the process.

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Our San Bernardino family law lawyer at Aruna P. Rodrigo, Family Law Attorney has provided passionate and knowledgeable legal representation to hundreds of families and individuals since we first opened our doors nearly 20 years ago. Domestic violence is an incredibly complicated and unsurprisingly contentious process to handle, and our Lawyer have the experience necessary to prepare you for any situation that may come up. Give us a call to discuss your situation with a member of our firm and plan out your next steps.

What Can A Restraining Order Do To Protect Me?

Restraining orders offer a number of protections that can include jail time and / or fines for the person being restrained if broken.

Some of the consequences for breaking the restrictions imposed by a restraining order include:

  • Restrictions may be placed on what activities they take part in or what locations they are permitted to visit.
  • Require them to move out of their home.
  • Prevent them from coming in contact with their children.
  • Prevent them from purchasing or owning a gun. If they already possess a firearm or firearms, they may be required to store, sell or turn them in.
  • Affect their immigration status if they are in the process of applying for a visa or green card.

There are three main types of restraining orders that can be used to offer protection, and each one comes with its own set of consequences.

Personal Conduct Orders - These types of orders place restrictions on the actions the person named in the restraining order can perform against anyone named as a “protected person,” which include:

  • Coming in contact via phone call, email, or any other kind of messaging.
  • Striking, battering or attacking in any way.
  • Stalking.
  • Threats.
  • Sexual assault.
  • Harassment.
  • Destroying personal property.
  • Disturbing the peace.

Residence Exclusion Orders - Also known as kick-out or move-out orders, these types of restraining orders require the person named in the restraining order to move out of the home they share with the protected person or persons and can only be asked for in cases of domestic violence, elder adult abuse or dependent abuse. The person named in the restraining order is only permitted to remove their personal belongings and clothing until their court hearing.

Stay-Away Orders - Under these types of restraining orders, the person named in the restraining order is required to stay a set distance away (100 yards, 200 yards, etc.) from:

  • The person who filed the restraining order’s home.
  • The person who filed the restraining order’s workplace.
  • The person who filed the restraining order’s children’s daycare or school.
  • The person who filed the restraining order’s car.
  • The person who filed the restraining order.
  • Any other location where the person who filed the restraining order is likely to go.

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Our San Bernardino family law attorney at Aruna P. Rodrigo has dedicated his career to providing families and individuals in difficult situations with the legal representation they need to secure the outcome they deserve.

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