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Determining Paternity in California

When it comes to establishing paternity, it can seem like a very complex and overwhelming process. The good news is that you do not have to navigate this time on your own.

Aruna P. Rodrigo, can help you work through your paternity concerns and resolve your case in a favorable manner.

Aruna P. Rodrigo are dedicated to providing compassionate and reliable support. When you work with our firm, you can be confident knowing we put your best interests first. We understand the complexities of paternity matters and can use our legal knowledge to help you maneuver through this time.

Why Does Paternity Matter?

Establishing the biological relationship between a child and their father is crucial and can play into a majority of family law disputes. Issues like child custody, visitation, child support, and even parental rights will all be affected by paternity matters. Typically, paternity is originally established at a child's birth, where the husband is assumed to be the father and the wife is assumed to be the mother. However, if a couple wasn't married or considered domestic partners at that time, they may have to take additional steps to prove paternity, such as obtaining a court order or signing a Declaration of Paternity.

Why is it important to take these steps? There are many benefits:

  • Child will receive financial support from both parents
  • Legal record and identification of both parents
  • Eliminates questions or doubts for child
  • Provides access to family medical records for health reasons
  • Gives the child health insurance from either parent
  • Provide the non-custodial parent custody and visitation rights

The court will still need to make orders for certain provisions, which is just another reason why having a San Bernardino divorce lawyer by your side during this time is so imperative. If you are concerned about establishing paternity or need to obtain child support from a father, be sure to reach out to us for legal guidance.

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