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Postnuptial Agreement in San Bernardino

Drafting an Agreement After Marriage

With marriage on the mind, many couples fail to even think about a prenuptial agreement. This is a common occurrence, though. It doesn’t mean that you are stuck without any kind of protection, however. There is still the option to draft a postnuptial agreement after the marriage has begun. This is an agreement that allows the parties to agree on various factors involving support, property distribution, and more. For individuals who are in their second or third marriage and have children from their previous relationship, postnuptial agreements may be ideal after marriage to help ensure your children are able to receive assets should something happen.

Postnuptial agreements offer the following benefits:

  • Decide on highly contested factors
  • Have a set rule on what happens in the event of a divorce
  • Provide settlement in the case of a sudden increase in wealth
  • Alleviate concerns regarding how you will cope after a divorce

A postnuptial agreement can be difficult to discuss. You are essentially discussing the possibility of a divorce. For most couples, this can be a little concerning and they avoid it completely. While our San Bernardino postnuptial agreement lawyers understand the reasons to avoid this topic, it is also important to understand that this can really be a good thing. It allows you and your spouse to put together an agreement based on what you know and develop open communication and trust regarding finances.

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