Divorcing After a Long Marriage: What You Need to Know

Divorcing After a Long Marriage: What You Need to Know

New research shows that more individuals are obtaining divorces after a long marriage. Given the longer lifespans and more opportunities for women, marriage is not what it was 50 years ago. However, if you do decide to divorce your spouse of 15, 20, or 30 years, it can be daunting. The dissolution of marriage can be both saddening and a relief. If you and your ex know that divorce is inevitable, it is better to follow your instincts. After ending a long marriage, life can seem uncertain and unstable. We want to make sure you are not alone. The better you prepare yourself, the easier it will seem.

What to Consider After a Long Divorce

Divorce can seem jarring after a number of years married. You may feel like you have to find out who you are as a single person. While that realization and healing comes with time, you can plan certain things in advance to make the transition smoother.

Living Arrangements
It’s a frightening thought to live alone after years of marriage. However, you want to consider where you will live after the divorce. Will you and your ex sell the marital home and split the shares? Will one person live in the house, while the other obtains residence elsewhere? Will you live with your children? You should think of this before finalizing your divorce.

Another important aspect to consider is your finances. If one spouse was the sole financial provider, the other will need to figure out how to support themselves. In long divorces, the court may appoint one person spousal support to help them maintain their accustomed standard of living. For individuals who have been out of the workforce for a number of years, you should consider employment opportunities or honing in on marketable skills.

Family Dynamics
If you have children, no matter how old they are, it will be difficult for them to wrap their minds around their parents obtaining a divorce. Your whole family will need to adjust to a new family dynamic. Who will you spend the holidays with? How will this affect your relationship with other family members? This can be especially tricky when you are close to your ex’s family. While there is no magical formula to make this all work, it will take some learning and getting used.

Divorce is never an easy step. However, if you and your ex decide it is the solution for you, our San Bernardino divorce Attorney at Family Law Advocacy Group are ready to help. We understand the nuances of ending a marriage. We will inform you of your rights and help protect them. Contact us today to schedule a free consultation.

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