Changing Your Divorce Attorney

Changing Your Divorce Attorney

When you are going through a divorce, you need to make sure that you have a good working relationship with your attorney. This should be based on trust that the attorney is doing all that he or she can to help you reach a favorable resolution. Unfortunately, this is not always the case and at times, you may consider changing your divorce attorney. What people don’t know, though, is that this situation happens more often than you would imagine. The fact is, some Attorney may not do all they can to help their clients for one reason or another.

With a serious matter such as divorce, you deserve to have the strongest representation possible so your rights and the rights of your family are protected. At Family Law Advocacy Group, we recognize the fact that individuals may want to change their divorce attorney in the middle of the process. We understand this change is sometimes necessary. However, not everyone knows what to do to start the process. Our San Bernardino divorce Lawyer can help you take the next steps so you can change attorneys to one with whom you feel more comfortable.

  1. Before you let go of your current attorney, seek the representation you desire. If you just end your agreement with your current attorney without having another lawyer lined up to represent you, it’s possible your case can suffer. You will also want your new attorney to understand where the case is and what deadlines you may have upcoming.
  2. Write a letter of termination to your current lawyer and inform them of the change. In the letter, make sure you disclose the termination date and the contact information of your new attorney. In many cases, your new attorney can handle this step for you and also request the documents and materials regarding your case.
  3. You should request any and all outstanding statements regarding the representation from your former attorney. Make sure you are completely covered so no further fees pop up out of nowhere in the future.
  4. You or your new lawyer can ask your former attorney to send your new lawyer your client file. Even if this costs you money, you want to have this done so your new attorney can use this and any other documents that you may have. Make sure you and your new attorney both have copies of this information. The former attorney would only have to provide already filed documents, those gathered from discovery, or those you provided directly.
  5. Your new attorney would then file an Entry of Appearance with the court. This is an official notice that you have let go of your previous representation and a new attorney will be representing you in court. In the case of mediation, the mediator will need a copy of this document. The document will also need to be sent to the other party’s attorney.

Finding the right attorney is very important to the success of your case. A lot of the factors involved in divorce — such as child support, child custody, property division, alimony, and more — depend on the representation showing the proper evidence. If you believe your current attorney is not representing you to the best of his or her abilities, you should reach out to a San Bernardino divorce attorney to learn more about your rights.

Call Family Law Advocacy Group to discuss a possible change in attorney with our firm. We are dedicated to providing the most comprehensive counsel available and we do all we can to see this happen. When you’re going through divorce, you need someone you can trust. We are that firm.

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